Hard of Hearing Communication Card now available!

As well as our Deaf Communication Cards for Deaf BSL users we are pleased to announce the launch of our WDDA Hard of Hearing Cards.

These cards are available, free of charge, to those who have become deaf through illness or age.

Our Communication Cards offer a clear and concise list of prompts to help aid communication.

Please get in touch if you would like one. If you are an agency working with people who are hard of hearing and would be interested in holding a supply of cards to give to your service users please email admin@wdda.co.uk

Launch of WDDA Deaf Communication Card

You asked, we delivered!  WDDA is pleased to introduce Deaf Communication Cards to help improve the experience of the 2000+ Deaf BSL users accessing services in Dorset.

The purpose of the wallet-sized cards is to help identify patients/service users immediately as deaf and that there is a need for communications support.  The card also includes details of local BSL interpreter services and a 24 hour contact number so that healthcare providers/service providers know how to book a BSL interpreter.

Now that we have the WDDA Deaf Communication Card we want to get them into the hands of every Deaf BSL user in Dorset!

deaf communication card


We are providing these cards free of charge to all Deaf BSL users so please just get in touch if you would like one.  If you are an agency working with Deaf BSL users and would be interested in holding a supply of cards to give to your service users please email admin@wdda.co.uk.

We are currently looking at distribution points – local Deaf Clubs, Audiology Departments, Libraries… We’d value your input on this.  Please comment below with your suggestions.


Coming soon – WDDA Hard of Hearing Communication Cards.


Your privacy matters

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became law on the 25th May 2018.  It is the first major overhaul of data protection in the UK for 20 years.  The purpose is to give individuals more rights, to have more transparency and to ensure that any organisation that collects, handles or shares personal data does so with a clear and lawful purpose.
The Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulation (PECR) governs the use of electronic channels for communication such as Email.  It says that you cannot email people marketing messages without clear and freely given Consent.

What you need to know:
• You can trust Wiltshire and Dorset Deaf Association to store and use your data responsibly.

• Our Data Controller is George Raggett, who has day-to-day responsibility for data protection.  To find out more about our data protection policies and procedures please contact George via email at admin@wdda.co.uk

• Wiltshire and Dorset Dead Association will only share your data, if necessary, with our awarding body, Signature who themselves are GDPR data compliant.  A copy of our written processor contract between WDDA and Signature is available on request.

• If you are embarking on your BSL learning journey with WDDA it is likely that we will need to communicate with you via email, telephone or text message about the date/s or the arrangements for your training.  WDDA may also contact you about other similar training opportunities and events in the future that we believe will be of interest to you.  If you would prefer us not to contact you via email with information about future training courses/events please just let us know.

You can read our full GDPR Privacy Notice here: http://wdda.co.uk/wp/wdda-privacy-notice/.   You might want to grab yourself a cuppa first though!

Making children’s nurseries as deaf-friendly as possible

Check out this fantastic video from the National Deaf Children’s Society on how to make nurseries as deaf-friendly as possible.

Please share this video with any friends who might like to watch it, or send this link https://youtu.be/TGhcSirQnmA to your child’s nursery.

If you work in a nursery or other early years/primary school educational setting please contact WDDA to find out more about how our bespoke deaf awareness and introduction to British Sign Language courses can support you to help deaf and hard of hearing children reach their potential.

Well done to Maisie Sly from Swindon

Well done to Maisie Sly from Swindon. Wow!, what a positive role model and inspiration for all who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing, particularly profoundly deaf young people and their families.

If you live in Wiltshire television area you have probably seen the clip before. But if not watch it to the end, the presenter says it all.

We are proud of you Maisie!