Hard of Hearing Communication Card now available!

As well as our Deaf Communication Cards for Deaf BSL users we are pleased to announce the launch of our WDDA Hard of Hearing Cards.

These cards are available, free of charge, to those who have become deaf through illness or age.

Our Communication Cards offer a clear and concise list of prompts to help aid communication.

Please get in touch if you would like one. If you are an agency working with people who are hard of hearing and would be interested in holding a supply of cards to give to your service users please email admin@wdda.co.uk

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  1. I would like a hard of hearing card please.

  2. Denise Glackin

    Dear sir or madam , i would like one of those card …that i would show ppl in shop to show them tbat i am fully deaf sometime time it is awkward for me like ppl talking beside me could u able to posted me one of tbose card n i seen it on website n glad able find it so that i able to carry round me in my purse …thank you
    Here is my address

    4A Cedar Ave
    Antrim Road Belfast BT15 5AS

    Kind regards
    Denise Glackin

  3. Elizabeth Lamb

    Hi I would like a hard of hearing card please

  4. Gillian pugh-Bennett

    Hiya plz can I have one of hard of hearing cards as i am very hard of hearing thankyou. 6 keresforth Barnsley south Yorkshire s70 6rt

  5. Please cld i have one of your deaf cards? Thank you!

  6. Hello there please may i have a few hard of hearing carda as im struggling so bad at mo.

  7. Hi i have messaged you enquiring about cards

  8. Hello I’m deaf & finding really hard & upsetting going out. Could I please have one of these cards please.

  9. Hi could I ask for possibly 2 cards 1 for myself (age related hearing problems) and 1 for my daughter (she was born single sided deaf) most cards don’t have advice to people and I’ve been looking for something that does Thank you x z

  10. Judith Randall

    Please may I have a hard of hearing card. Increasing age has brought on hearing difficulties for me.

  11. Mrs D Thompson

    How do I get one of these cards I have a baha fitted no hearing in one ear finding it hard with people wearing face masks

  12. Pls l would like hard of hearing card pls

  13. Linda Claridge

    Can I have a few cards please. My son and dad are both deaf would be perfect for them

  14. Hi my name is Janet I have minierse I am struggling when I go out with understanding people
    When they are wearing mask I have lost most of my hearing in both ears I am 64 years old
    I would very much appreciate if I could have a card as it would benefit me

    Kind regards

  15. Rosalind Henfrey

    MayI have a hard of hearing card please?

  16. Please can I get one of the deaf cards please I’m ssd and wear a baha on 1 side

  17. Cameron Andrews

    Hi i have Hearing loss and would love one of these to help me communicate with people. How do i get one please

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