Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss

Many things cause hearing loss such as:

  • Ageing (the most common cause)
  • Illness (such as mumps or meningitis)
  • Your mother having rubella in pregnancy
  • Side effects to medication
  • Loud or repeated explosions
  • Very loud machinery
  • Very loud music

Hearing loss is measured in terms of intensity and is described as mild, moderate, severe or profound.

People with mild hearing loss have a certain amount of difficulty hearing speech in noisy situations.

With moderate hearing loss, difficulty is experienced following speech in ordinary situations without the use of a hearing aid and people have even more problems in noisy areas. Most people in this category find they can use a telephone if they are wearing a hearing aid by using the inductive coupler (which cuts out some background noise).

Severe hearing loss makes speech difficult to follow, even with a hearing aid. Using an adapted voice phone would be almost impossible, despite the availability of strong amplification. People are likely to rely on British Sign Language or lip-reading. Some people with profound hearing loss may have no use for hearing aids. They cannot use a voice telephone but are able to use a text phone (Minicom). If born deaf or become deaf in early childhood, they are likely to be dependent on British Sign Language, lip-reading or both.

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