BSL Level 2

British Sign Language Level 2


Understand everyday signed explanations or descriptions on a range of topics including people, actions, behaviour, feelings, experiences, events, activities, daily routines. Recognise questions forms, negation, affirmation.
Use BSL to provide personal, social or work information using correct: sign order, handshapes, pace and flow, signing space, placement, referents, role shift, NMF.
Understand and take part in routine conversations in BSL using appropriate vocabulary, correct sign order, recognise questions, responses, requests, views


To complete the three qualification units as follows:-
⇒ BSL201 – BSL Receptive Skills
BSL202 – BSL Productive Skills
BSL203 – BSL Conversational Skills

Upon completion, students will take three assessments and, if successful, achieve the Level 2 Award in British Sign Language, accredited by Signature

Our 2019/20 Academic Year BSL Level 2 course with Stefy running on Wednesday evenings at Bournemouth Deaf Club started in September 2019.  Spring Term starts Wednesday 8 January 2020.

We will start accepting applications for our 2020/21 Academic Year BSL Level 2 course in April 2020.

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