Congratulations to Significance Sign Choir!

Huge congratulations to Significance Sign Choir who came 3rd Place in the second National Signing Choir competition 2018 that took place on Saturday 19th May 2018 at Medway Park in Gillingham, Kent.

Wondering what a sign choir actually involves?

They are choirs that perform like any other choir but rather than sing with their voices, they sing with their hands in British Sign Language, while telling a visual story behind the song they are “Singing”.  Singers express the song through the pitch, tone and emotion of their voices, Signing Song performers do the same with their hands, body and facial expressions, it is a visual spectacular for the senses.

Want to find out more?

Significance Sign Choir is part of WDDA and practice at Bournemouth Deaf Club.

You can follow Significance Sign Choir on Facebook:

Jersey Eisteddfod of Performing Arts – November 2017

Many thanks for all your messages of support for our participation in the Jersey Eisteddfod of Performing Arts this weekend!

Well, the Billy Dorkin’s best Choir Trophy has been prised from our grasp by Vision Signing Choir, deservedly beating us into 2nd place by 1 mark. They are a particularly inclusive choir , so many congratulations to them and their leaders!

We are justifiably proud of again achieving a performance of Distinction in this section, so cannot be too disappointed!

We were inspired by Stef Davis and Liz Linard who won the afternoon ensemble section with a Commended performance against 6 other excellent performances including our own Isobel Heaton, Louise Allen and Jan Clark who achieved a Merit for an innovative and well coordinated performance of Born To Love You, complete with dark glasses and leather jackets!

This was followed by an awe inspiring, tear jerking solo performance by Stef Davis, just missing out on an award of Outstanding, again by one mark, but well ahead of the rest of the field of 8 including George Raggett who still managed a performance of Merit.

So all in all a great weekend that will inspire and motivate us to maintain and improve our standards as we try and bring signed performances to the attention of yet more audiences in this coming year.