Deaf and Deaf Blind Awareness and Communcation (DAC1)

Qualification: DAC1 Certificate Awarded by Signature (CACDP)

Entry requirements: There is no prior knowledge or experience required.

The course is designed to give you knowledge and practical skills that will enable you to effectively communicate with all deaf people, using their own preferred language. You will also develop an understanding of how culture and environment, as well as individual need, informs these choices. The lead tutor is George Raggett, who himself is deaf.

Assessment: There are 2 formal assessments

  1. In your practical ability to identify the communication and environment needs of any deaf person and use of Clear Speech, BSL Finger Spelling, Block, DMA and the tactics for repairing breakdowns in spoken communication. (T101)
  2. A multiple-choice question paper to assesses your knowledge and understanding of Deaf Awareness. (K101)

Progression: The course content also compliments and provides important background information and skills for studying British Sign Language at any Level. Successful completion of both units will achieve the DAC1 award in Deaf Awareness and Communication, Level 1, the recognised standard for customer service and support staff.

Cost: £134 which includes Examination Fee payable to Signature (£66) with tea/coffee refreshments.

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