Significance Sign Choir perform ‘My Fair Lady’

Our fabulous Significance Sign Choir will be signing the 2:30pm matinee performance of My Fair Lady.

Ferndown Phoenix Musical Society presents
19th – 22nd September 2018 at 7.30pm (2:30pm sign supported matinee performance)
Tickets £15 Adults £12.50 Children & Seniors
At: Barrington Theatre, Ferndown

Main Cast List:
Eliza, Chelsea Robson,
Col. Pickering, Bernard Gardner,
Henry Higgins, Jeremy Mills,
Mrs Higgins, Sally Ager,
Freddy, Matt Tyler,
Alfred P Doolittle, Mike Hutchings,
Mrs Pearce, Rachel Leggett,
Zoltan Karpathy, Mike Andrews

The object of the society is to promote musical plays, drama, comedies, operettas and other dramatic works, to further the development of public appreciation and taste in the said arts. This year’s autumn production is My Fair Lady, which is bound to be an incredible show. Come along to see for yourself!

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