Celebrating Deaf Awareness Week 2018

Deaf Awareness Week 2018 
14–20 May 2018

Do you work with children or young people?  Are you thinking of holding an event during Deaf Awareness Week but don’t know where to start?  Check out some of these fun, interactive and easy to organise activities:

  • Learn the alphabet using fingerspelling.  Now see if you can spell your name with the fingerspelling alphabet. Try your friend’s names too!
    fingerspelling alphabet
  • Learn a song in Makaton or British Sign Language.
  • Think about what equipment a deaf person might use in the home.  You might look at special features on things like fire alarms, telephones or TVs.
  • When we speak our lips move to make shapes to form the words.  Some deaf people can watch your lips and understand what you are saying.  This is called lip-reading.  Why not try this with a friend.  Choose a picture and say the word without making a sound.  See if your friend can guess which one it was.
  • Imagine what it would be like if you were deaf.  Think about all the things you would not be able to hear.  Draw 4 things that you would miss hearing most.

Keep it simple and Make it Fun.  We’d love to know how you get on!  You can share your Deaf Awareness Week stories, events and successes on our Facebook page here: WDDA Deaf Awareness Week 2018



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